Airplay music from mac to airport express

It was a simple way to enjoy music outside.

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It came with the downside that the original iteration of AirPlay had buffering issues, so I usually needed to leave my iPhone inside the house to stream. More recently, my six-year-old Express started to become flakey too. Step one was to update a long-neglected AirPort Express.

I dusted it off, plugged it in, and updated the firmware using the Airport Utility app. The final step was to go into the Home app and add the Express as a new accessory. I also have the convenience of picking my outdoor speakers from the sources list in Control Center and using Siri to move music to those speakers without the buffering issues I experienced with the first version of AirPlay.

Music, everywhere. Not every situation justifies the expense of a HomePod.

Nor are those devices practical outdoors or in other environments. Fortunately, the AirPort Express remains an option for now if you already own one or can find a used or refurbished one for sale.

How to AirPlay audio

It is not great but it works and it is easy for everyone to useā€¦ for the most part. I just so happen to have an Airport Express lying around, not used. With that in mind I plugged a pair of old computer speakers that sound reasonably decent into the Airport Express optical audio input. It took a few tries but the Express device did show up and was added in a just few seconds.

It is pretty amazing.

What is AirPlay?

A nice little bit of Apple magic. If SeaTac Airport is in your top-ten US airports list at least in you need to throw out your research and start over.