How to format flash drive on mac lion

Your Mac computer comes with a handy utility appropriately called Disk Utility , which can be used to format any storage device. To use it, first connect the flash drive that you want to format. Then go to Applications and Utilities and launch Disk Utility.

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The application will appear on the screen, and you will see the main window, with a list of available storage devices on the left and various disk management options on the right. At the bottom of the main window are storage device details, including disk description, connection type, USB serial number, total capacity, write status, S. Select your storage device from the list on the left and click on the Erase tab. Before you can click on the Erase button located in the Erase tab, you must select which file system you would like to use and give it a name.

With everything set, you may click on the Erase button to start the formatting process.

Which format to choose?

Depending on the size and speed of your flash drive, it may take a minute or two. Once the formatting process is finished, you should be able to transfer files to the newly formatted flash drive.

How to Create a Bootable Mountain Lion 10.8 USB Install Thumb Drive

Mac OS X and Windows support different file systems. If this is a new USB flash drive, you may discover that it has been pre-formatted for use with Windows. If you've already been using the flash drive with your Mac, it may already be formatted correctly, but it's still best to erase and format the flash drive to ensure that the OS X Lion installer you copy to the flash drive will boot properly. The OS X Lion installer application that you downloaded from the Mac App Store includes an embedded bootable image that the application uses during the install process.

In order to create our own USB flash-drive-based bootable Lion installer, we simply need to copy this embedded image to the flash drive. Because Disk Utility's cloning process must be able to see the image file, we must first copy the embedded image file to the desktop, where Disk Utility can see it without any issues. Share Pin Email.

How to Erase and Format a USB Drive on Your Mac

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You can use a larger drive if you wish, but more important than the size of the flash drive is its speed. If you're buying a new flash drive just for Lion, I recommend buying one of the fastest available. While slow read: Some free time.

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The creation time varies by the speed of the USB flash drive, but plan on 30 minutes to over an hour. All data on the USB flash drive will be erased.

Mac 101: Format choices for USB flash drives

In the Disk Utility window, look for the flash drive in the list of attached devices. Look for the device name, which usually appears as the drive size followed by the manufacturer's name, such as 16 GB SanDisk Cruzer. Select the drive not the volume name , which may appear below the drive manufacturer's name , and click the Partition tab.

Use the Volume Scheme drop-down window to select 1 Partition. Enter a name for the volume you're about to create. Click the Apply button. Disk Utility will display a sheet asking if you're sure you want to partition your USB flash drive. Click Partition to continue.