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Doing the test in the wrong place will affect your Wi-Fi speed test results. But how do you choose the right place?

For this reason, you should try to maximize the bandwidth available to that device. Most of us have countless devices connected to our wireless networks, and the bandwidth from our internet connection is split between each of them. Check these things that could be slowing down your home Wi-Fi network. Read More , or at least appear slower on each device. For best results, turn off or disconnect as many of your devices as you can, or make sure that none are downloading or uploading large files. You can test your Wi-Fi speed on pretty much any device with a browser—from your laptop to an Amazon Fire Stick—but whatever you choose, you should always reboot it first.

This might affect your ping rate in particular. They can, and often will, slow down your connection, so using them while testing will not provide accurate results. Read More and are trialing a few to see how fast they are.

In that case, go right ahead. A Wi-Fi speed test is useful for many reasons. The results will help in the following cases and more:. This article explains fast, easy ways to fix and speed up your Wi-Fi internet connection. Read More and how you can fix it. Your email address will not be published. What you have outlined is testing WiFi under ideal conditions 's 4,5,6,7.

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That may be great if you are using your WiFi when others are sound asleep. Unfortunately most people use their WiFi during "peak hours" that's why they are the peak hours.

The test s should be conducted at a time that you are most likely to be online to get an idea of what actual speed to expect. What you are advocating is analogous to testing your commuting time to work at 3 AM, using high speed highways with no traffic lights while your actual commute will be during the "rush hours" and on congested city streets.

Switching from a LeCar to a Ferrari will not change your commute time.


The measurement is not "ping rate" but "ping time. Blackmagic is available for a free download on the App Store. It comes with an intuitive interface that fits well with the OS X design and has pretty much everything you could want in a disk speed app. It gives an extensive information on the video resolution, frame rate, and format support.

The results of the test become evident in, practically, real-time.

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All that combined makes for a great free utility to test your disk speed. If you are looking to test your internet connection speed, you must have already heard about speedtest. It is an internet speed test website by Ookla, that lets you easily check your network speed with a single push of a button. In case you feel like Speedtest. The download speed is always much greater than the upload speed and this is by design. People spend more time downloading than uploading, so it is given priority. Download speeds maqy be a quarter of the upload speed or even less.

Apple Average Connection Speed

WiFi displays a large window with a circular graphic in the centre and there is just one button, Start Test with no other controls. Click it and the graphic starts spinning as it measures the internet upload and download speed, and ping speed of response.

The results are displayed as it tests and also afterwards. It keeps a history of speed test results so you can see if there is any change throughout the day or over the days or weeks. WiFi is more than just an internet speed test and it adds an icon to the menu bar. Live upload and download speeds are shown and it is useful as an indicator of internet activity. You can easily see when the Mac is transferring data. Click the menu bar icon and a panel is displayed that shows the Wi-Fi name, MAC address, security, protocol, channel and band.

Size : 4 MB macOS : Speed Test runs as a menu bar icon and when clicked it displays a panel with a speedometer style graphic in the middle.

SpeedSmart - HTML5 Internet Speed Test

There are a few buttons but the only one worth mentioning is Start. The graphic lights up and the speed test begins. A summary of the results are displayed afterwards and it shows the ping and upload and download speeds. It does not save the results anywhere, so if you want to remember them you would have to write them in Notes or take a screenshot.

The app searches for the nearest or best server for the speed test and this resulted in very low ping results and they were a fraction of those measured by Dr. The upload and download speeds were similar though. WiFi Speed Test has an attractive interface that shows an animated speedometer style graphic when measuring the performance of the internet connection.

It may be a more descriptive name for non-technical people, but I would rather the correct term was used. In the top right corner is another animated graphic and it shows the direction of travel and the location of the server being used for the speed test. In the top left corner is the Wi-Fi network name and a small i icon opens an information window where the test results history is stored.

This is great and you can see all of the previous tests, and even export them to a CSV file a standard format that many applications can read.

What Kind of Speed Tests for Mac You Can Run and Why

Speedtest superficially looks similar to the other internet speed testing apps, but it actually has a lot more features than most and it is an excellent app. The window has a large GO button in the middle and clicking it begins the performance measurement. The speedometer style graphic shows the live results and at the end you can see the ping, upload and download speeds.

How To Fix Slow WiFi Internet Speed On MAC OS X EL CAPITAN And Sierra

There is also a mini line chart that shows how the speed fluctuates over time.